Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (KTiOPO4,KTP)
Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (KTiOPO3 or KTP) is widely used in both commercial and military lasers including laboratory and medical systems, range-finders, lidar, optical communication and industrial systems.
SGoptics's KTP is featured by 
•   Large nonlinear optical coefficient
•   Wide angular bandwidth and small walk-off angle
•   Broad temperature and spectral bandwidth
•   High electro-optic coefficient and low dielectric constant
•   Large figure of merit
•   Nonhydroscopic, chemically and mechanically stable
SGoptics offers
· Strict quality control
· large crystal size up to 20x20x40mm3 and maximum length of 60mm;
· Quick delivery(2 weeks for polished only, 3 weeks for coated)
· Unbeatable price and quantity discount
· Technical support
· AR-coating, mounting and re-polishing service
SGoptics Warranty on KTP Specifications:
· Dimension tolerance: (W±0.1mm)x(H±0.1mm)x(L+0.5/-0.1mm) (L≥2.5mm)
(W±0.1mm)x(H±0.1mm)x(L+0.1/-0.1mm) (L<2.5mm) · Clear aperture: central 90% of the diameter
· No visible scattering paths or centers when inspected by a 50mW green laser
· Flatness: less than λ/8 @ 633nm
· Transmitting wavefront distortion: less than λ/8 @ 633nm
· Chamfer: ≤0.2mm@45°
· Chip: ≤0.1mm
· Scratch/Dig code: better than 10/ 5 to MIL-PRF-13830B
· Parallelism: better than 20 arc seconds
· Perpendicularity: ≤5 arc minutes
· Angle tolerance: Δθ≤0.25°, Δφ≤0.25°
· Damage threshold[GW/cm ]: >0.5 for 1064nm, TEM00, 10ns, 10HZ (AR-coated)
>0.3 for 532nm, TEM00, 10ns, 10HZ (AR-coated)
· Quality Warranty Period: one half year under proper use.
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